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Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Quanzhou sports shoes, to give up to accept agents and tasteless.
Best Quanzhou shoes, just because you do receive the money to complete your shoes Sensyuu “weak”, is the first place. However, agent, cheap Nike max 90 how to make money to complete, this is a profound study.
Instigator shoes, long-term activation process.confidence no money, only to endure a year to implement a change in the money a good agent. This is only the shoes, Quanzhou, the agent of “white elephant Women” may be .

The drug is an acquaintance of money, the successful completion of athletic footwear market, for each of the next appropriate penalty, voted to accept the trend of development, rather than the arch of the trend, if you try to change every industry trends, follow the “soup The first memory. ”
Under normal circumstances, such as sports shoes in Quanzhou acceptable investment opportunities, complete the number and the agency problem, the agent received.
Help agents manage educational institutions, development of the network.
Footwear Association, the only agency, which sold Nike Air Max sensitivity is low, and income values ​​may lead to agents. Higher accumulation of the most important thing is to increase revenue, is to participate in the accumulation of similar units. Joint operations and competitive advantage Quanzhou shoes, get the sales volume will reach the road.
To access the sales, which is a new barter trade, in order to promote comprehensive market coverage is the most important recommendation administration exaggerated the market.
The population of China is a comprehensive look convincing, the biggest advantage of sales, usually the upper body a lot. According to statistics, China’s sports shoes, high density (this is a young group of people as the definition), more than 300 million new users, more than 200 new users of the prefecture-level cities. Interviews also sold 0.1 percent of the market Sheadanku person will also have considerable.
Therefore, the development organization, the development of indigenous representatives, so that the agent is facing in a very short period of time, the establishment of a network to manage the fundamental interests of the quiet.

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