The past of Converse shoes

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Back in 1908 in Malden MA, Marquis MillsConverse shoes set up a rubber shoe company. This company was  to go on to become the producer of what is arguably the most classic shoe ever made – the Converse  All Star. It is calculated that over 550 million pairs of All Star trainers have been made,  conceived to be an industry record.
In the early days Converse also made tyres but the basketball shoe apace become established as  the chief center from the business. In 1917 the first All Star was produced and when in 1930 Chuck  Taylor added his signature to the All Star ankle patch, endorsing the shoe, they became a global  phenomenon almost overnight.
In 1923 Converse customized basketball shoes for the New York Bens, the first African American  basketball team, and reshaped the game into the quick paced game of today.
In 1939 the first NCAA championship game was played with both teams choosing to wear Converse All  Stars.
During the war Converse designed a flying boot which was worn by the Army’s Flying division and  also supplied the All Star for basic training.
In 1949 the Oxford, a low-cut version of the All Star, was developed which was not only worn by  basketball players but people everywhere wanting a casual, yet cool look. Up till then the All Star was only available in black or white but due to its ever growing popularity, Converse added 7  more colors to the range in 1966. Ten years later they introduced the One Star trainer which went  on to become the favourite shoe of skaters the world over.
In the 1984 Olympics the American men’s basketball team wore Converse and won gold.
In 2003 amidst some controversy Converse was sold to Nike for $305 million. Athletic Converse Shoes Many Converse fans  were unhappy with the deal and felt Converse had sold out and forgotten its history. Although, the  design didn’t change the shoes were no longer made from 2-ply cotton canvas and some wearers feel  the quality has deteriorated.
In 2005 Converse launched its first apparel line in conjunction with Dwayne Wade – the first  signature line since the Chuck Taylor All Stars were introduced.
As well as the classic All Stars Converse has produced many limited edition shoes including a Kurt  Cobain signature version featuring drawings and song lyrics.
In 2008 Converse celebrated its 100th anniversary with the ‘Welcome To Converse Century’  campaign. Despite being a worldwide success Converse continue to be a cult brand and hopes to  continue this success with its associations with cultural icons such as Pink Floyd, Sid Vicious  and Hunter S Thompson.

Nike Shox R4 Torch

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The fire pattern set on the surface of  Nike Shox R4 Torch  make it looks special. As we know fire is a symble of activity and energy. With this style, people will feel more energetic and less tired.?

In addition, designer also pay more attention on the coloring, almost of this cheap Nike Shox R4 use whiteness as background color and use other bright color to trace out the shape of fire pattern.

This arrangement make it out of ordinary. We recommend this discount Nike Shox to runner who seeking responsive cushioning.The Shox column set in the heel can absorb the impact force and caused an upforce at the same time.

Because of that, your sports experience will be more relax.We provide this style in various colorways and sizes, welcome come here and choose your favourite. Please make sure your right size before pay for your order.

Quanzhou sports shoes, to give up to accept agents and tasteless.
Best Quanzhou shoes, just because you do receive the money to complete your shoes Sensyuu “weak”, is the first place. However, agent, cheap Nike max 90 how to make money to complete, this is a profound study.
Instigator shoes, long-term activation process.confidence no money, only to endure a year to implement a change in the money a good agent. This is only the shoes, Quanzhou, the agent of “white elephant Women” may be .

The drug is an acquaintance of money, the successful completion of athletic footwear market, for each of the next appropriate penalty, voted to accept the trend of development, rather than the arch of the trend, if you try to change every industry trends, follow the “soup The first memory. ”
Under normal circumstances, such as sports shoes in Quanzhou acceptable investment opportunities, complete the number and the agency problem, the agent received.
Help agents manage educational institutions, development of the network.
Footwear Association, the only agency, which sold Nike Air Max sensitivity is low, and income values ​​may lead to agents. Higher accumulation of the most important thing is to increase revenue, is to participate in the accumulation of similar units. Joint operations and competitive advantage Quanzhou shoes, get the sales volume will reach the road.
To access the sales, which is a new barter trade, in order to promote comprehensive market coverage is the most important recommendation administration exaggerated the market.
The population of China is a comprehensive look convincing, the biggest advantage of sales, usually the upper body a lot. According to statistics, China’s sports shoes, high density (this is a young group of people as the definition), more than 300 million new users, more than 200 new users of the prefecture-level cities. Interviews also sold 0.1 percent of the market Sheadanku person will also have considerable.
Therefore, the development organization, the development of indigenous representatives, so that the agent is facing in a very short period of time, the establishment of a network to manage the fundamental interests of the quiet.

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Nike Air Max Shoes History

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Nike Air Max Shoes History

Nike introduced its Air Cushioning Technology in 1979. By embedding Air Cushioning in the midsoles of its running shoes, it changed the way athletes approached and reacted to athletic performance forever. Eight years later, as Nike continued to bring the latest scientific discoveries to footwear design, the Nike Air component became larger – meaning greater cushioning and comfort – and was made visible for the first time in the Air Max shoe: now athletes could see as well as feel the benefits of Nike air max .Many Nike Air Max products were developed since then and many of them grew to become icons on and off the track.The return of the OG Air Max is almost here! More than twenty years after their debut this is still one of the cleanest colourways ever designed! These are slated for release in July at Foot Locker stores – quiz your local for details to see if they’ll be getting them. Check the vintage pics to see the difference to the old version Pics courtesy of Overkill.

Nike history

History of Nike

Fresh off the heels of the Cheap Air Max of the NBA guard Gilbert Arenas, who was never used as he and his Orlando teammates beaten in the playoffs, Mizzee offers a look at a Nike LeBron 8, which has just completed one inspired most wanted Air Jordan.

This new Nike Air Max that know no borders. This shoe does not have time, sex is not due to the changes and the history behind it. This Nike Toki ND would be a new interpretation of modern footwear and sports would be timeless patterns. Although the subject sneakers Valentine last month, this new Nike Toki key would be the same with the shooting and was rumored to be part of the collection of  Nike V-Day.

That adds a unique visual appearance for shoes, Mizzee Flywire panels designed to change colors when viewed from different angles and light, changing from green to orange. No detail is overlooked, including the Air Max Shoes unit is accented in orange, besides LeBron’s signature on the heel.

There is simply no colorway that is closer to the legendary ‘Purple Persian’, so how about a Nike Air Max has, basically, ‘no color’? Check out the large window last retro runners, a super-clean combination of gray and black in the center is the latest in a growing contingent of neutral kicking begging to be creative with spare laces.

Nike Air Max 2011 womens released this new color, dark gray mesh uppers bring different from smooth leather, free personality and unique texture, while the blue insert the first layer of skin and white color, and dark gray with of just about right. With excellent Air permeability of porous deer skin, I believe this new out of nike shoes would be a good choice next season.

Nike shoes have won worldwide recognition. Nearly everyone knows Nike shoes. I guess most of you must desire to own a pair of Nike shoes, especially boys who love sports. Nike as a international famous brand, the prices of Nike shoes are relatively high than other shoes. For students who have no income, designer Nike shoes are really a luxury. Now there is a good news for you. Our Nike outlet offers you cheap Nike shoes. We ensure you the lowest prices.


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Nike shoes have won worldwide recognition. Nearly everyone knows Nike shoes. I guess most of you must desire to own a pair of Nike shoes, especially boys who love sports. Nike as a international famous brand, the prices of Nike shoes are relatively high than other shoes. For students who have no income, designer Nike shoes are really a luxury. Now there is a good news for you. Our Nike outlet offers you cheap Nike shox. We ensure you the lowest prices.
Nike dunk shoes are on hot sale now. Nike Dunk shoes are mainly loved by young people especially college students. The unique design and the rich color appeal to most of you. Nike dunk women shoes are rich in colors and styles. I believe few of girls could refuse the charm of Nike dunk women shoes. The colors are vivid and give people a sense of fresh. And the beautiful patterns are very attractive. And Nike dunk men shoes are aslo very chic and nice. We have all kinds of colors and sizes, which could meet everyone’s need.

Vans Shoes History

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On March sixteenth, 1966, at street 704E Broadway, in Anaheim, Calif., Paul Van Doren and three partners opened up their first ever store and the Vans Shoes dream was born. The Van Doren Rubber Company was unique in that it manufactures shoes and sells them immediately to the populace. On that first morning, 12 customers purchase Vans Shoes which are made that day and ready for pick-up in the afternoon. The Vans #44 deck shoes, which is now famous for the Authentic were born.
Skateboarders who like Vans Shoes rugged make-up and sticky sole are seen sporting Vans all over Southern California in the early 1970s. In 1975, the Vans #95, known today as the Era was designed by Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. With a padded collar and different colour combinations the Era becomes the shoe of choice for a generation of skateboarders.
In 1979, Vans introduce the #44 shoe, and with the help from skateboarders and BMX riders the Vans Slip-On became all the rage in Southern California. By the end of the 1970s, Vans had 70 stores in California and sells through dealers both nationally and internationally.  

Whether you are looking for Vans Classic Slip On Shoes.Now our vans shoes store offer a wide variety of  Classic Slip-On shoes, both classic and high fashion. Welcome to our online vans shoes store!Our cheap Vans Classic Slip On are of high quality and nice appearance. They look fashionable and feel cozy. Durable in use, complete in specifications, you can have a try.There are Classic Slip-On,Half Cab,Vans Authentic Shoes,Vans Old Skool,Vans Otw Mid Skool 77 ,Sk8-Hi.It must be best choose to buy these Vans shoes!

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